Devnull Features

Privacy Policy

This page explains what data we collect from you and what we use it for. Changes to the contents of this policy will be published here and emailed to known user accounts. Past versions of this page are available on request.

We'll start with definitions used in the rest of the page:

  • "devnull" means the email address [email protected] and its associated email discarding service
  • "custom address" means a user-specified email address managed by
  • "email contents" means any part of an email message, including the headers and body

Here is what we will never do with your data:

  • we will never store email contents sent to devnull except for the original sending address as explained below
  • we will never store email contents sent to custom addresses longer than is necessary provide the user's desired services (such as filtering and forwarding)

Here is what we may do with your data:

  • when available, we may store the email address of devnull users. For example, email sent from [email protected] to [email protected] may result in us storing [email protected] (if devnull receives a reply). We may use these stored emails to contact users about their use of the site.
  • we may store anonymous information about emails sent to devnull or custom addresses, such as the rate of messages received
  • we may store anonymous information about the use of and/or share it with Google Analytics (as governed by their privacy policy)